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Vehicle Diagnostic

This is an ongoing project, which our engineers are doing for a many years, and that’s why it is our best expertise. Vehicle Software Diagnostic demands many years of hard working, in order to become expert not only for using of so many software languages and tools, but also for the complex Vehicle Diagnostic itself. But that leads us to learn real software engineering, not just writing the code.
During developing of the vehicle diagnostic projects, our engineers have become especially experts with C++, as main project’s language, and also with Qt, ACE framework and Python. But, during the various projects, there were various needs of using and developing with some other languages and tools, such as: C Sharp, Java, Swing, XML, XSLT, HTML and many more. Also we use Rational Rose as a tool for create and update of the Software documents. And that’s how we gain expertise in such a many software tools and languages.