Clients and References

Markant Software Clients and References

Client: Stig Automotive

Markant Software is involved in maintenance and development on the following automotive diagnostic tools: Clip Applicative, EuroV Reprogramming and Vehicle Simulator.
Clip Applicative is OBD Diagnostic tool for Renault, Dacia and Nissan vehicles. Our Engineers have had developed many projects which are in relationship of many tool’s functionalities, such as: Vehicle Identification, MUX, ECU Reprogramming, Displaying of DTC and States/Parameters, Data Recording and many more. For all of these projects we do the whole process of the Software developing: technical solution and software architecture, creating or updating the Software documents, coding the source, updating the test documents and testing itself.
EuroV Reprogramming is ECU reprogramming tool for Renault vehicles, used by independent operators. The tool implements open automotive diagnostic standards and protocols like UDS, J2534 and ODX. Markant Sofware was working on several projects related with this tool.
Vehicle Simulator is vehicle network simulation tool. The tool simulate different types of networks and ECU in side vehicles. The tool implements and supports lot of standards and protocols from automotive like CAN, UDS, DoIP,… Markant Software is included in maintenance and client customization of this tool.

Client info:
Stig Automotive DOEL Skopje

Client: Ital Implant

Ital Implant is company specialized for distribution and selling dental implants in Macedonia. We customize out product ERP for small and medium companies for this client.

Client info:
Ital Implant DOEL Skopje